• Bowie

Summer Vacation

In September I visited Arizona. I landed in Phoenix and made a trip up to Prescott and Flagstaff and saw the beautiful chapel in the mountains. I also got a selfie with the famous #cockrock. The views were absolutely breathtaking. Then I made my way down to Tombstone! I adore the wild west and it was such a treat to see history so unchanged, like the Flying V Cabin. On my way back to Phoenix I stopped by these abandoned domes. They were apparently from a business that planned to be huge and went bankrupt instead. The beautiful artwork from years of talented vandals is worth the drive out to them. Finally my last exploration was Phoenix, visited a lot of local breweries! My favorites were SunUp, Mother Brunch and O.H.S.O. My favorite vacations are always adventures! I love to explore places I have never been and road trips are the best!

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