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My Ideal Client

I get a lot of questions about what I like from a client, so I thought it was a great topic to blog about. Being a professional companion can be very emotional, but I strive to create a safe atmosphere for my clients to explore their needs and desires. That being said, communication is key! Let's talk about what experiences you want to have and what your expectations are. I love having feedback after a session to discuss what you would like the next time. I take my clients privacy very seriously, so you can confide in me whatever you like. I would never share information disclosed in private. So if you have something you want to talk about, let's chat. I often ask new clients for seemingly personal information as part of my verification process. This is just to make sure you are a real person and for my own safety, please understand.

The other thing that makes a great client is timeliness. I make appointments with clients and base my entire day around those appointments, therefore I expect clients to respect our appointment dates and times. Traffic in Seattle is real and unpredictable, but understand that if someone arrives late for an appointment, it may cut into other appointments that I have already lined up so I may not be able to accommodate a later end time. So I value someone who appreciates deadlines.

I love being a companion. I love connecting with people in a deeper, more intimate way. People share their secrets with me and we explore facets of their lives that they do not or cannot share with others. Touch can be healing, revitalizing and sensual. I want to make my clients happy and have them come back to me for more.

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