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How to Approach A professional companion or escort.

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I made this hilarious comic after dealing with a few frustrating interactions in a row. It was my snarky response to a legitimate question I get a lot. So I thought I would share more thoughts on the subject.

As my comic hopefully explained, when approaching an escort (or any business professional really) it is best to approach with your basic info up front and without hassle. This indicates you are, in fact, interested in them and value their time as people. Most clients reach out to a provider because of an ad they saw. Please take a moment and review the website of the provider you are interested in. Few reasons why:

1. Everyone has different screening requirements, rates and other basic information that most advertising sites won't let us discuss.

2. More pictures! And sometimes videos. Some girls sell panties! You can find out all sorts of fun things out by visiting providers websites.

3. Wishlists! If you are really the shy type, try sending her a gift as a first contact. Trust me, that is a perfect way to get her attention! Just be sure to tell her it was you, Amazon is terrible with gift receipts for real.

A lot of providers may ask where you saw the ad, and the reason we do this is simple. We pay a shit-ton of money for those ads! And we want to know where our money is best spent. Call it market research.

I like to make friends with returning clients, so I enjoy when contacts include more than just a name. I ask people for a song because its a conversation starter. Funny pick up lines also work. But whether you are looking for a one time or a recurring thing it is best to put forth a little effort to that first contact. Remember, you only get one shot at a good first impression!

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